Meowy Janes All Natural Catnip and Ultra Blend

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Our Ultra Blend is the ULTIMATE catnip mix! Combining the well loved catnip with valerian root and silvervine powder means that there is something for every kitty to enjoy in this mix!

Large- 7.5 fl oz / 60 dram bottle
Small- 3.75 fl oz / 30 dram bottle

We use all natural, USA grown, highly potent catnip as the base for this blend. Cats go crazy for the essential oil Nepetalactone found mostly in the flower buds of the catnip plant. Our catnip is chock full of buds!

Silvervine is more popular among cat owners than catnip in Asia but can be hard to find in the United States. It contains two types of essential oils that give a similar reaction to catnip but are actually a different of molecule. A study found that while only 2/3 cats responded to catnip, 80% of cats reacted to these oils!

Valerian root contains two additional types of oils! One that is similar to a cat pheromone and another that acts like catnip but has a very potent and unique scent that is unlike anything else.

Our all natural catnip is farm grown in the USA, and sustainably harvested at the peak of freshness- when the catnip plant (nepeta cataria) begins to flower.

Large 60 dram bottle -7.5 fl oz
Small 30 dram bottle - 3.75 fl oz

Sprinkle on cat trees, toys, or anywhere you want to encourage your cat to play, cuddle, and be happy!

The natural chemical in catnip plant that cats go crazy for is called Nepetalactone. It is highly concentrated in the plants little bell shaped flowers. These flowers make only make up a small part of the plant with the rest being leaves, stems, and stalks. Some catnip is made up of mostly (or only!) leaves and stems. Not ours! Meowy Janes Catnip is packed with tons of flowers so every pinch gives a BIG reaction!!

If your cat hasn’t shown an interest in catnip before... maybe they haven't yet tried the right kind. You could be surprised at their reaction to our catnip that is big on buds