Believe in Yourself Nessie Sticker

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Believe in Yourself Loch Ness Monster sticker. Nessie is an iconic member of the cryptid family. Our smiling Scottish sea monster is a bit happier and more approachable than most monster stickers, designed to give you a confidence boost and a smile. Whether or not you believe in this mysterious sea serpent, she and her bird buddy will give you daily encouragement. Stick this waterproof vinyl Nessie sticker on your car bumper, rear window, motorcycle panniers, RV camper, or your laptop. It also fits nicely on an insulated thermos or Hydroflask water bottle. Small Dimensions: 3"x 3" (Perfect laptop or water bottle decal). Large Dimensions: 4"x 4" (Bumper sticker size). Die cut on high quality waterproof vinyl with a matte UV protective finish, designed to endure many years of travel and use indoors and outdoors. Will adhere to just about any smooth surface. Made in Idaho, USA.

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